Fish Listeners of Setiu Lagoon

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The documentary follows Pak Harun, the last Malay fish listener, in a story that reveals secrets of a time past, which may teach us a thing or two about living with the nature for the future. Using a unique traditional fishing method, fish listeners locate their catch by listening for their fish; hunting by sound…. Read more »

Drakula and the Five Warriors

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It’s the end of the 15th century and the port of Melaka is at the heart of the booming global spice trade, when it comes under threat with the arrival of a foreign vampire, Drakula. Strange supernatural happenings start disrupting the lives of the local population. It is up to a band of young legendary… Read more »


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The suicide of Kakek, the elderly caretaker of a mosque, sets Rashid on a journey to the beguiling Minangkabau Highlands of Sumatra in Indonesia where he uncovers the tragic coming of age story of a young woman named Rahma and her father, Haji Saleh. Adapted from the classic short story, Robohnya Surau Kami, by acclaimed… Read more »


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Emotionally distraught and experiencing strange hallucinations after witnessing the aftermath of a bizarre murder, forensics photographer ADAM (IEDIL PUTRA) retreats from the world, until detective MAN (SHAHEIZY SAM) arrives at his doorstep. Another murder has occurred, one with undeniable similarities to the one that pushed Adam over the edge. Adam’s help is required to unravel… Read more »


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Set in a border town in northeastern Malaysia of the same name, BUNOHAN tells the powerful story of three estranged brothers – Adil, Bakar and Ilham – and their ailing father, whose fates become tragically intertwined in a web of deceit and corruption. After fleeing a deathmatch in Thailand, Adil the kickboxer is on the… Read more »