Fish Listeners of Setiu Lagoon


Country Malaysia

Language Malay

The documentary follows Pak Harun, the last Malay fish listener, in a story that reveals secrets of a time past, which may teach us a thing or two about living with the nature for the future. Using a unique traditional fishing method, fish listeners locate their catch by listening for their fish; hunting by sound. This documentary also examines the symbiotic relationship between the local fishing communities and their environment, a unique coastal wetland, which is under threat from rapid development in the area. It captures the stories of the last fish listeners in the world, at a time when modern fishing technologies, the depletion of fish stocks around the world and the demise of traditional fisherfolk are changing our relationship with the sea forever.

With the support of the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS)

Producer & Writer Nandita Solomon Director, Writer & Narrator Dain Iskandar Said Editor Nik Johan Director of Photography Tayanithi Ramanujem & Effendee Mazlan Original Score Joe Kidd  
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