The Odd Note

In Development

Country Malaysia

Language English

Sarawakian classical pianist Evelyn Hii never plays by the book. In 1998, despite the economic crisis, she started No Black Tie, her temple to live music in Kuala Lumpur, a city nearly devoid of live music. Against the odds, Evelyn has nurtured this haven into a showcase for legendary and rising musicians from Asia and the world.

The club has matured and Evelyn is consumed by a new obsession: The dream of owning a Fazioli piano. This ‘Ferrari’ of the piano world is so good that pianists like Herbie Hancock have pledged to never play anything else. Each of the 110 Faziolis made every year is custom made by Italian artisans. Bringing a Fazioli home to her hand-crafted club is the next stage of the dream that Evelyn continues to create.

This a story about one woman’s dream of sharing her love affair with music by pushing the boundaries of our musical landscape.

Producer & Writer Nandita Solomon Director & Writer Dain Iskandar Said