Cinema of Terror

In Development

Country Indonesia & Malaysia & The Netherlands

Language Indonesian

An attempted coup in 1965 marked the beginning of a horrific episode in Indonesian history. A young general named Suharto, took command. Almost 1 million Indonesians were butchered in the hunt for the alleged perpetrators. For decades, thousands were imprisoned and tortured. In 1983, Suharto, in Goebbels-like fashion, commissioned a feature film ‘The Betrayal’, touted as the definitive version of the truth. In 1998, Suharto was overthrown by a popular democratic movement, that spawned young activist filmmakers. In Cinema of Terror, ex-political detainees and contemporary filmmakers will come together to ‘un-make’ Suharto’s film and exorcise the past.

With the support of the IDFA Bertha Fund and the Busan Asian Network of Documentary.
Selected for Crossing Borders 2012.

Nandita Solomon

Dain Iskandar Said & Yayan Wiludiharto