Cinema of Terror

In Development

Country Indonesia & Malaysia & The Netherlands

Language Indonesian

An attempted coup in 1965 marked the beginning of a horrific episode in Indonesian history. A young general named Suharto, took command. Almost 1 million Indonesians were butchered in the hunt for the alleged perpetrators. For decades, thousands were imprisoned and tortured. In 1983, Suharto, in Goebbels-like fashion, commissioned a feature film ‘The Betrayal’, touted as the definitive version of the truth. In 1998, Suharto was overthrown by a popular democratic movement, that spawned young activist filmmakers. In Cinema of Terror, ex-political detainees and contemporary filmmakers will come together to ‘un-make’ Suharto’s film and exorcise the past.

With the support of the IDFA Bertha Fund and the Busan Asian Network of Documentary.
Selected for Crossing Borders 2012.

Producer Nandita Solomon Director Dain Iskandar Said & Yayan Wiludiharto