BFM – An Inside Look at “INTERCHANGE” (Podcast)

INTERCHANGE discussed at BFM’s At The Movies
– five parts which could be accessed below:

PART 1 of 5 | Writing & Screenplay:
Writers, June Tan and Redzha Minhat, alongside writer/director Dain Said in conversation with BFM about their journey in taking INTERCHANGE from script to screen.

PART 2 of 5 | Sound Design & Music:
BFM speaks to composer Luka Kuncevic about how he crafted the unique sound of the movie.

PART 3 of 5 | The Actors
BFM meets Iedil Putra, Shaheizy Sam, Alvin Wong and Nicholas Saputra.

PART 4 of 5 | The Director & Producer
BFM in coversation with director Dain Said and producer Nandita Solomon.

PART 5 of 5 | Post-Production
BFM speaks to the movie’s post-production supervisor, Lee Chatametikool.

listen to BFM’s At The Movies here.