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“Said’s sophomore feature “Bunohan: Return to Murder” premiered at Toronto and won numerous awards back home. While the village-set crime noir was noted for its sinewy action, the writer-director’s latest is considerably more ambitious in the way it explores the legacy of Malaysia’s colonial past on the country’s ultra-modern present within an entertaining genre framework, enhanced by some genuinely creative fantasy elements.” | A supernatural crime noir built around an eerily imaginative case of ‘fowl play.’

“The follow-up to his magical realist action-drama “Bunohan,” “Interchange” examines the tension between Malaysia’s past and present through a series of ritualistic murders, each involving a glass negative of a centuries-old Borneo tribe member that eerily resembles each victim.” | History Redefined: How These New Films Let Us See the Past In New Ways

“Interchange’s strongest point is actually a reflection on the ghosts of colonial times and the nature of photography itself. Both revolve around the idea of being trapped, framed in the eye of someone else, who automatically gains power over the photographed subject, that can be categorised and again, trapped in the catalogue.” | Dain Said moves from rural kampong village to modern Southeast Asian city, a take on Malaysian film noir…

“Interchange might as well have been a reflection of ourselves today. If unshackled from worldly attachments and given the freedom, what would we do with our lives? Where would we go from here?” | ‘INTERCHANGE’, or the transcendence of spirits

“Sejak dari mula lagi, Interchange membawa pesona bahawa ia tidak menggambarkan sebuah filem Malaysia… Ini yang membuatkan ianya sangat istimewa.”perangfilem1 | Tiada Aroma Filem Tempatan Dalam Interchange

“Secara imej dan pandang, filem ini antara yang tercantik tahun ini… Terdapat sikap pascamoden yang jelas dari Dain dalam hal ini, melawan sekali gus menyoal hal-hal klise dan biasa dalam ruang kontemporari filem kita, khususnya tema, campuran aduk genre, dan membina dunia realiti-fantasi, silam-moden, dan dunai nyata-wayang yang menggoda.”tontonfilem | Interchange (2016)

“Interchange is a bold film, driven not only by a desire to tell an old story in a new way, but by a directorial vision that is larger than this one film.” | Don’t Say Cheese: Interchange

“Dain Iskandar Said‘s Interchange is a nightmarish noir on dual planes of existence: our contemporary world of law and order opposite a spiritual one of trapped souls seeking escape.” | Interchange TIFF 2016 Review

“On our way out of the cinema, my Mum reminded me that you can’t take photos of people when they’re asleep because while we sleep our souls leave our bodies and it leaves us vulnerable.” | Audience reviews

“Film ini membuktikan, cerita lokal Asia Tenggara yang digarap apik bisa menjadi kekuatan yang magnetik.” | “Interchange”, Misteri Berlapis

“Walau punya premis sebagai thriller berbalut elemen supranatural, status ‘Interchange’ sebagai sinema alternatif memang membuatnya dipenuhi simbol dan berbagai subteks yang membenturkan ancient culture and beliefs, ritual-ritual spiritual, survival, peradaban, cinta hingga persahabatan yang cukup kaya buat membangun unsur-unsur sinematisnya secara tak biasa.” | INTERCHANGE: Visuals Over Narrative In An Ingenious Neor Noir – Supernatural Thriller Fantasy